DEAD AND INJURED in Istanbul. Military shoot to people.

The coup in Turkey where the army has announced the seizure of power with the declaration of martial law and the declaration of a curfew throughout the country.

Although the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, said that the coup would fail, the Turkish state television TRT has read live the statement issued by the military in announcing "taking control over the administration of the country" and creating a "peace council" to ensure the security of the country "regardless of race, language or religion".

TRT has announced the start of a "constitutional process" to the "erosion of the rule of law and secular democracy by the current government." The announcement of the chain has culminated in the declaration of martial law.

By knowing the movement of the Army, Yildirim said that the coup was being carried out by a group of soldiers who were acting outside the chain of command.

"This is a group within the Army that has risen," said the head of government, who admitted that this military had "surrounded by some important buildings."

"Those who have paid a high price. We will not make concessions on democracy" he promised Yildirim.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan urged people to take to the streets to protest against what he described as an attempted coup from a minority faction within the armed forces, and promised to give a "necessary response" .

Speaking to a reporter from CNN Turk via cell phone and broadcast live, adding that the Turkish people should meet in public places.

A pro-government agency says the chief of staff has been taken "hostage" of the coup in a military barracks in Ankara. Despite this information, a presidential source said President Erdogan is still in power and will not tolerate "attempts to undermine democracy."

In Ankara, they have been able to also hear gunshots, according to witnesses quoted by Reuters news agency. The same agency reported that a presidential source urged the world to show solidarity with the Turkish people.

Turkish Dogan agency said several ambulances had come to the headquarters of the General Staff where witnesses had heard gunfire.