August 2016 psychic revelation Aries to Virgo. The Wheel of Fortune.

Aries August 2016 psychic revelation reading You may have difficulties with older people, or with those in authority.

It's important to be careful in making business and financial plans for the near future.  Keep within your financial limits, even though you resent having to do so.

Be prepared to cut back in some areas of your life, and to press forward in others.

Taurus August 2016 psychic revelation reading You will probably have contact with women this month and discuss family and emotional issues.

You are warm and receptive now and this is a good month to do things that enhance your home and improve your living conditions.
August 2016 psychic revelation Aries to Virgo

Gemini August 2016 psychic revelation reading You have very simple needs regarding home and surroundings.

Some might find you frugal. It may be difficult for you to send down roots, build a home-base, and feel secure. Feelings and emotions may be on the sparse side.

Cancer August 2016 psychic revelation reading A good month to get things done. Good eye-hand coordination and sustained effort make almost any task run well.

You may feel like exercising or getting out and about. Emotions are very present but within control.

Leo August 2016 psychic revelation reading Good fortune and success are indicated: fate smiles and your look changes for the better.

Better conditions and better opportunities for gain arise through pure chance.

Virgo August 2016 psychic revelation reading Secrets and hidden feelings and subtle influence are at work. She's a woman of great quietness and depth.

This card, the one of artists, mystics and poets, can often indicate an exploration of one's personal feelings and desires.