August 2016 Chinese horoscope for Monkey: Good luck star is here!

Monkey August 2016 Chinese horoscope forecast A perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you could want, and it should be easy to channel it. The path is open and clear.

You will be successful in everything you do if you take advantage of the opportunities you get.

You're going to get some good chances to develop your strengths, and it will not be hard to grab the opportunities while you are focused.

Do not worry about salary or any bonuses, your efforts will be rewarded regardless. Be careful to take care of your health.

Good job satisfaction and balance in life is the best way to recover. Stay humble even if you achieve great success.
August 2016 Chinese horoscope Monkey love money health

Good luck star is here and your luck in your love life will get better and better. Single people born under the bull's characters are going to have more opportunities to meet the right and marry.

Those who are already in relationships or married will have a cozy and rewarding years with his partner.

That said, it may look like some small financial problems can cause quarrels. These arguments will be resolved if you are understanding and supportive towards each other.

Chinese horoscope reading August 2016 It's a difficult time to show any kind of authority towards your loved ones.

Children, or those younger than yourself, may get on your nerves now, so don't say things that you may regret at a later time.

Be careful of anything that is electric that you use or enjoy having, other wise it could break making you upset.

Intense and powerful experiences this month that will help you learn about the inner workings of the world and your life.

You can impact others considerably, but use this energy for upward, evolving purposes.  If you are ruthless or selfish powerful forces will turn against you.