Astro Wiki: Theresa May Prime Minister of the UK birth chart zodiac. How much does Theresa May earn.

Wiki: Theresa Mary May (born 1 October 1956, 60 years old) is a British politician who has been the Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016, the Home Secretary since 2010, and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997.

How much is Theresa May worth??? CONSERVATIVE party leadership frontrunner Theresa May published her tax return this week.

Theresa May £1.7m - Secretary of State for the Home Department and Minister for Women and Equality.

Home Secretary Theresa May’s £1.7million wealth is attributed to her owning two homes and her former career as a financial consultant.

Vicar’s daughter May owns a £1million home in London with her husband Philip, and a home in Berkshire worth an estimated £700,000.
How much does Theresa May earn astrology forecast

Celebrity astrology: PM Theresa May birth chart horoscope report

Sagittarius Rising

High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and are not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time.

You have a strong restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything you've yet experienced, and you often live in your dreams and visions for the future.

You tend to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else and you like to keep moving, either literally or figuratively. Idealistic and optimistic, you always expect something better ahead.

You are often a big talker, full of big promises, and you are usually pretty convincing. You do everything in a big way, a generous way. You like to have the best, and you heartily dislike stinginess, littleness, or pettiness.

Your vision is always large. You are able to perceive the big picture, general patterns, and principles, and are well suited to politics, business, higher education or religion.

Sun in Libra:

Harmony and balance are your keynotes. Tactful, diplomatic, and with considerable social awareness, you do all you can to avoid conflict and discord. You express a spirit of cooperation and compromise and often achieve through charm and discretion what would have been impossible to achieve by a direct, forceful approach.

Sun in 10th house:

Your career, reputation, and public image are very important to you. You have a strong desire to be influential or make your mark on the world.

The merely personal sphere does not satisfy you; your ambitions include making a major contribution and receiving broad recognition for your unique effort and gifts. You may undervalue the personal or inner side of life.
Theresa May PM of the UK birth chart zodiac forecast

Mercury Sextile Saturn:

You possess excellent powers of concentration, and enjoy studying or deep thinking in solitude.

Discriminating and highly rational, you get right down to the bare bones in any discussion and are quick to see the fuzzy thinking or weaknesses in another's logic.

You are well suited to any work which requires organized thinking, precision, and a methodical approach.

Theresa May astrology personality score reading

1. Logic, technical detail, mental concentration, research:  191

 2. Philosophy, politics, education, religion:   139

 3. Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature:    100

 4. Poetry, fantasy, fiction:   165

 5. Originality and inventiveness:    90

 6. Argumentativeness and aggressive in speech. Decisive and impatient: 154

7. Dynamic energy, zeal, bursts of energy and effort. Love of excitement and thrills. Action-oriented:  93

8. Loyalty to friends, family, spouse. Intensity of bonding: 116