Astro Wiki: Tessa Kuragi birth chart astrology - Be more generous to yourself.

Wiki: Tessa Kuragi is a London based model and artist. She works primarily with photographers in a co-creative way exploring themes relevant to her own interests and persona.

Tessa Kuragi was Born and raised in Jamaica, owing her exotic looks to her mixed British, Jamaican and Asian parentage.

Tessa regularly works with creatives including Ellen Von Unwerth, Robbie Spencer and Olivier Zahm.

Celebrity horoscope: Tessa Kuragi birth chart zodiac

Tessa, your overpowering need is to be independent and to direct your own life according to what you believe.  Your dream is to become the leader of whatever field you enter.

Whether it is in business, community, or in your general area of expertise, you are driven to be the reigning figure.
Tessa Kuragi birth chart astrology forecast

You have a talent for combining intelligence and aesthetic sensitivity in many ways.

Most likely you are an excellent communicator, with the ability to express ideas in a beautiful, sensitive, and articulate manner, particularly in writing or through art work, design, or other works that you can pour your heart into.

Like most people, you need occasional times to be free of rules and regulations and express yourself in a wild or free-spirited way, or to improvise and be spontaneous.

These periodic times when you are more spontaneous or wild may not seem particularly important, but they help you to function in a healthy and creative manner.

It is good for you to surround yourself with art and music that are very deep and moving. 

Tessa, you are very sensitive and you will find that you are more comfortable with styles that have much greater depth and complexity than the styles that are popular or in vogue. 

You are more willing to lead and less willing to follow.  You are less easily influenced and intimidated. You are willing to stand alone and are better able to fight for what you think is right.

As you mature, your appreciation for the arts and beauty in any form will also increase.  It is quite possible that you will be actively involved in the arts, if that is not already the case, often as a benefactor. 

Loosen up a bit. Have some fun; recharge your batteries. Be more generous to yourself. Communicate your deeper feelings without fear to those close to you.  Be more creative and develop faith in yourself.