Astro Wiki: Bryana Holly birth chart zodiac - you take decisions on an intuitive level.

Wiki: Bryana Holly was born on July 12, 1992, in Huntington Beach, CA, USA. She is an actress and model, known for Zeds Dead: Collapse (2015).

Bryana Holly is signed model of Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles/Miami, One.1 New York and No Ties Management San Diego who was closing in on 1 million Instagram followers in early 2015.

Bryana Holly has been in a relationship with Ashton Irwin, drummer for band, 5 Seconds of Summer since early 2015.

BRYANA Holly basic facts

brown EYES
blonde HAIR

Celebrity horoscope: Bryana Holly birth chart astrology forecast 

Basically you are a friendly type of person, and you have a genuine and natural interest in other people. You probably come across as a sociable and charming person, and you have a special talent for creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Bryana Holly birth chart zodiac prediction

Partnerships are alpha and omega for you, and you will seldom be alone in your life. You are willing to make many compromises ensure that a relationship functions smoothly.

Using your ability to see matters from another person's point of view, you can defuse conflict before it begins.

Easily distracted, you can find yourself getting involved in many things at the same time - but then you hate to be bored. You give the impression of being a person on the move.

You have a very strong caring attitude, and you form deep emotional attachments wherever you work. Professionally this may manifest as a need to care for and nurture others.

You have a very strong sense of conventional values and are quite careful economically. There may be a talent for dealing with property. Loyalty and security are important career criteria, and if these criteria are fulfilled you work hard and devotedly.

You are particularly attached to your territory and defend it fiercely. Actually, you work hard to create a cosy atmosphere at your place of work.

You have a natural business talent for increasing your assets. You hang grimly on to professional gains, but often future growth is prevented by past clutter.

Economic insecurity can make you physically ill, because you are so attached to home and family and fear loss.

In your personal life, you will focus on the energies at play in groups, and be keenly aware of your own ability to function socially. You may have to overcome a certain stiffness in relating to others.

It is important for you to expand your spiritual horizons as a counterbalance to the distractions of the world.