Astro Wiki: Anastasia Ashley birth chart zodiac - You are decisive and bold.

Wiki: Ashley was born Anastasia Electra Ashley in San Clemente, California on February 10, 1987.

Naturally gifted she started competing at the young age of 7, where she was a prodigy and went on to win over 200 amateur events, including the NSSA National championships at age 16 and then turned full-time professional.

In November 2014, Anastasia went to Ireland for a Web Summit on how to maintain a competitive edge in surfing with a focus on social media tools. Ashley was interested in convincing Taoiseach Enda Kenny to surf.

Celebrity horoscope:  Anastasia Ashley birth chart astrology 

Your gifts are a quick mind, verbal facility, a flair for language, social sophistication, and polish, the ability to communicate, converse, and build bridges between people and between ideas.
Anastasia Ashley birth chart zodiac

You tend to become an incessant chatterbox or gossip if you do not have work or other involvements that utilize your mental, verbal, and social skills.

You are fair, intelligent, objective, rational and often let your head rule rather than your heart.

You seem rather self-sufficient and detached emotionally because you are capable of putting aside your personal feelings and viewing things dispassionately.

But once you make up your mind on an issue, you are difficult to sway and can be rather dogmatic.

Your strong points include your concern for human welfare and social betterment, your sense of fairness and democratic spirit, and your vision.

Your faults are your stubbornness and inflexibility, and a tendency to be very obtuse and insensitive when it comes to personal feelings and human needs.

You are intuitive and are able to sense what others' thoughts and feelings are, even before they say anything to you.

You often form an opinion about a person or situation without much factual knowledge of them, and your impressions are usually correct.

Anastasia Ashley birth chart astrology

You have a soft exterior and tend to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people. However, you sometimes let your emotions overpower your reasoning and logic, and consequently, you are sometimes biased in your opinions.

You are impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way you appear.

Your career or contribution to the world at large is likely to touch many people's lives in a very positive, helpful way.

You aim high and have an innate confidence and trust both in your own abilities and in life in general, which enables you to go far.

You are decisive and bold, and you meet life head on. You think for yourself, you know what you want and you go after it directly.