7 compliments which boys like to hear. Male instinct to preserve and protect the family

7 kind of compliments which boys like to hear. Giving compliments is an art. Many may sound cliched out and it can be easy to make mistakes.

Website Cosmopolitan has listed a number of points that specify what compliments guys want to hear, based on responses from the men themselves.

The answers are in fact derived from a discussion thread on Reddit where several boys have responded to what compliments they like to get.

These are some of the most popular responses:

1) The clothes
If you notice that your guy look extra stylish, so tell him that! It may be that he has actually placed a little extra effort to look good and that he has bought new clothes that deserve praise.
7 compliments which boys like to hear

2) Security
It might be surprising to some, but several of the guys said they enjoyed hearing that the girl felt confident in their company. This may be due to the male instinct to preserve and protect the family.

3) Smell
A manly scent consisting of the perfect mix with a little perfume, deodorant, and after-shave can get many girls to be quite weak in the knees. Let him know this!

4) The humor
If you really believe that the boy is funny and makes you laugh, then he will surely know this!

5) The brain
Men want to know that it is not only the physical that you are attracted to. Let kind know that you think he is smart and that you appreciate his intelligence.

6) Strength
Many of Reddit users agreed that getting praised for being strong was one of the most flattering they could hear.

7) Body
More on Reddit commented that they only crave to hear that their body looks good, especially after a workout.