10 signs that you are ready to marry. You are ready to take the relationship further.

There is no sure way to determine if you are ready for marriage or not. 

For some, it takes years to arrive at the decision, while others know only a few months after they met. Many also do not wish to marry. If you look at your relationship, then you will probably get an idea.

1) If you without a hint of doubt is comfortable with adding long-term plans with your girlfriend, like renting an apartment or getting a pet, you probably married be closer than you think.

2) You can not imagine living without your partner. When you envision the future so is your girlfriend a big part of it .... and it likes you!

3) You're past the uncertainty that may number in the beginning of the relationship. You never think that maybe there is someone else out there that are supposed to be with. If you're at the stage where you completely trust each other so you are probably ready to take the big step.

10 signs that you are ready to marry

4) The number of years you have been together should not be a reason to get married, but if you, as the years go by, it becomes more and more comfortable with your partner their errors and shortcomings and dreams and life choices, it may be a sign that you are ready to commit yourself for life.

5) Maybe you did not care so much about it in the beginning but lately, have become more concerned that your friends and your family become familiar with your girlfriend and vice versa. This is a sign that you're moving toward becoming more serious.

6) You like the idea of a lovely wedding, but you are also well aware that the party will not last forever and this is not a problem for you. In other words, are you planning a marriage and not just a wedding.

7) You're sure how you feel about each other. You do not have to constantly show affection you feel and you do not have a need to know what the other is doing at all times.

8) When you and your partner can talk about money and openly discuss the strengths and limitations, so it is a sign that you have come to a long relationship.

9) You know you're ready for marriage when making compromises and changes for your partner does not seem so difficult. If it is to meet your partner comes naturally to you, then it is a very good sign.

10) If you initially did not want you children, but the idea now slowly but surely beginning to creep into everyday conversations so it is a good sign.