Wiki CANCER 2017 Love & Relationships Horoscope and Predictions in 2017

CANCER Love and Relationships Horoscope and Predictions in 2017  You respond very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around you, and can be dominated by your fluctuating and unpredictable moods.

You often appear irrational to others because you cannot always explain the reason or source of your
feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need for times of withdrawal.

Warmhearted and generous in love, you cannot tolerate pettiness or stinginess in your partner. You want a Hero, a Prince or Princess to idolize and adore, someone you wholeheartedly admire and can be proud of.

You are tremendously loyal and devoted once you give your heart to someone.

You are very much aware of your personal appearance, attractiveness, and charm, and you can be rather narcissistic.
CANCER 2017 Love Relationships Horoscope and Predictions
Yearly Cancer love forecast

On the other hand, you are concerned with getting along with others and you have a pleasing, agreeable manner that people find quite appealing.

CANCER 2017 Love & Relationships Horoscope You may feel very unloved. You may see people as cold and calculating.

People's lack of sympathy may depress you to  the bone  this year.

Social, financial, and romantic problems and disappointments characterize this transit.  Selfishness and a lack of  consideration are  probably the reasons.

You  reap what  you sow  and now  is a  good time  to analyze yourself and your relationships. There may be difficulties  and delays with respect to women in general.

A new friendship will blossom between you and a young woman. She’s a woman you’ll meet on vacation (trip, stay in the country, beach or elsewhere).

Even if your relationship is fleeting and short-term, it will still be important in your life. In fact, there are two parts to this prediction.

The first part: This new friendship will be short-term but very intense. A close link will be created between you naturally and quickly.