VIRGO Love & Relationships Horoscope 2017: VIRGO and Sagittarius compatibility forecast

VIRGO Love and Relationships Horoscope and Predictions in 2017 The success of this relationship largely depends on each person's ability to accept the other person's differences.

Sagittarius may eventually have difficulty understanding Virgo's emotional nature. Sagittarius may feel impatient and frustrated by the limitations placed on her by Virgo.

Virgo may feel overwhelmed by Sagittarius's personality.

Single Virgo and Sagittarius experienced the instant attraction that comes with meeting someone different. They are poles apart in the way that they view the world.

At first this seemed exciting, enticing and romantic. As times moves on, and the initial excitement wears off, they are presented with the obstacle of communicating with someone who views the world in a different manner.
VIRGO Love  Relationships Horoscope 2017

VIRGO male and Sagittarius female 2017 love forecast Problems can arise when Virgo and Sagittarius start to sacrifice their own personal needs for a misguided perception about what is good for the relationship.

This behaviour can erode the creative component of the union and both Virgo and Sagittarius may lose their self-confidence and direction in life.

It is possible that, together, they may turn to drugs, alcohol or even crime in their attempts to maintain the loosening threads of their union.

Depending on other connections in this relationship Sagittarius and Virgo may finally decide to end their association or they could resolve their differences.

2017 Love & Relationships Horoscope VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS Virgo and single Sagittarius combine their talents in a way that enhances their lives.

Virgo provides structure and security so that Sagittarius can safely make any changes necessary in her life.

In return Sagittarius helps Virgo break through any barriers created by her fears. For these reasons this can be a dynamic and satisfying union.

Both Sagittarius and Virgo are ardent in their pursuits enjoying intense and fulfilling pastimes, which are ultimately life changing.

However, it is also possible that both Sagittarius and Virgo experience the less attractive aspects of this relationship.

They may become embroiled in a struggle for dominance, their relationship resembling a battleground from which neither emerges triumphant