Kabbalistic Dictionary. Letter A: Adam Kadmon, Ain Sof Aur, Angel, Aima

1) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Adam Kadmon
The primordial Atziluthic Man (The Kabod), called forth in the configuration of the ten Sephiroth, an Adam before the Adam of Genesis.

He is the first of four reflections of God to become visible. Conceived in human shape, Adam Kadmon contains all that is needed to complete the task of Divine appearance. He is both the mirror and the viewer and has within his being will, intellect, emotion, and capacity for action. Traditionally, he is the fifth and highest World, providing the potential for the lower four.

2) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Aima
Great mother; one of the Parzufim, represented by Binah.

3) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Ain (ah-een)
"Nothing" in Hebrew.  Some say that this is the state of "existence" that is God. There is nowhere Ain is. God is pure nothing, Negative Existence, nothing that can be explained. Ain, as a concept, is the first Veil of Negative Existence.
A Short Dictionary of Kabbalistic Terms

4) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Ain Sof (ah-een sof)
"Without end" in Hebrew. This is the title of God who is everywhere, immanent in all things. Ain Sof is the number 1 that appears over the number 0 when creation is about to manifest. Ain Sof has no attributes because characteristic can manifest only within existence, and existence is finite. Ain Sof is the second Veil of Negative Existence. Old Kabbalists us this word to refer to God.

5) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Ain Sof Aur (ah-een sof or)
"Limitless Light" in Hebrew. The third Veil of Negative Existence, from which all is manifest.

6) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Angel
A spiritual reality with its own unique content, characters, and quality living in the World of Yetzirah.

The substantial quality of an angel is an inclination or drive such as the desire in the direction of Love or a seizure of fear. To express a larger totality of being, something more comprehensive, we may refer to a "camp" of angels.

A spirit is not merely a tool of manifestation. It is a whole and integral being, conscious of itself and its surroundings and able to act in the World of Formation.

An angel affects the transfer of the vital plenty between Worlds, serving as an emissary of God downward or carrying the cries of men upward to higher worlds.

An angel is unchanging, whether temporary or immortal, staying always in rigid limits of quality given at its creation.

Some angels have always been. They are unaltering parts of the Eternal Being and the fixed order of the Universe. They are the channels of the divine plenty which rises and descends in the Worlds.

Some angels have continuously created anew. A prayer continues beyond itself in the material world, creating an angel or an extension of Holy emotion in Briah, and so forth on upward.

78) Kabbalistic Dictionary: ARARITA
A notarikon for Achad Resh Achudohtoh Resh Yechidotoh Temurahtoh Resh, "One is His beginning, one principle is His individuality, His permutation is one."  A word of power used with rituals involving the Hexagram in the Golden Dawn.  It is useful for unifying the macrocosm with the microcosm.  Connected with the analysis of the Key Word, including the words IAO and LVX, it helps unite the Ruach to the Nephesch. A big preparation for Divination.

8) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Arich Anpin
"Long face" in Hebrew. The most primordial of the Parzufim, at the highest level on the Tree, comprised of Kether.

9) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Assiah
The World of Action; the physical world; the Vale of Tears. Genesis speaks of it in the reference to the River which flowed out of Eden and which had four heads: a repetition of the four levels inherent in the Tree of Life. Assiah is manifest in the universe that we experience through our senses, with its apparent solids, liquids, gases, and radiant aspects.

10) Kabbalistic Dictionary: Atziluth
The World of "Proximity;" the World of Emanation-one of the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life. All the dynamics and laws inherent in Atziluth are complete, except that nothing has happened. Time and space do not exist here because Atziluth is at the stage of pure Will.