July 2016 psychic revelation LIBRA to PISCES. The Wheel of Fortune

LIBRA July 2016 psychic revelation reading You are now at the crossroads; the decision you make can be important. Think carefully.

Learn to let go of any relationship that no longer works. Your success will come through letting go of all areas in your life that no longer serve your spiritual growth.

You will begin a new business which will enable you to expand and work on a grander scale.  A business plan will be proposed, and implemented.

Let Go and Let God. That which you need will be given you in time.

SCORPIO July 2016 psychic revelation reading The promise of recognition, position, and authority for the latter days of life is present. Life will demand good character,  self-discipline, courage and executive ability.
July 2016 psychic revelation LIBRA PISCES

Through this, an opportunity to supervise, regulate and direct the affairs of others will be present.

The care of property and land may be part of the task of supervision. Research, investigation, counseling, advisory positions give usefulness and personal satisfaction.

SAGITTARIUS July 2016 psychic revelation reading This is the beginning stage of love and romance, joy and a new aspect of the relationship. Spiritual blessings will come to you.

There is also an indication of intense sexual desire and a promise of sexual satisfaction. Expect a gift of  a plan or direction. Be prepared to have a surprise call from an admirer.  You may hear some news about marriage.

CAPRICORN July 2016 psychic revelation reading Everything conspires to value and bring out your more unique and unusual qualities.

You may find that someone close to you understands and is supportive of your eccentricities. You could come up with new solutions or inventions.

AQUARIUS July 2016 psychic revelation reading Your idea of religion and the spiritual life during this time may not so much be in church, but in your own creativity and in the many ways you express that creativity - the arts, music, writing, theater, etc.

This is one place you find peace. Philosophical thought and interest add strength to the character and undertakings.

PISCES July 2016 psychic revelation reading You feel most at home just now in the world of management and managing, an area as natural to you at this time as a fish to water, and one where you can prosper and thrive.

This transit exerts a subtle influence that increases awareness and encourages you to rethink various aspects of your life, including psychological issues you’ve tried to repress.