July 2016 psychic revelation Aries to Virgo. The Wheel of Fortune.

Aries July 2016 psychic revelation reading If there was some confusion last month, they are now cleared away.

You get into an engaging time for summer romance, flirting and possible an ever so slight infatuation. But your card interpretation also suggests secret romance. Can be an infatuation you want to keep for yourself.

Your career may be built on your search for roots and security. You find yourself through home and family (all things domestic), and it would be excellent if you could somehow make your living in these areas.

Taurus July 2016 psychic revelation reading Here is a time when you are an ace when it comes to any and all means and manner of communications.

Right now you are the communicator, bar none, and probably are pretty good at any kind of investigative work, as well.

Gemini July 2016 psychic revelation reading Your personal power is the maximum currently. The universe supports you in carrying out your duties, whatever it may be. 
July 2016 psychic revelations Aries to Virgo

But do not let your ego take over. You are in a time where the spiritual and spirituality also needs nourishment. 

Use part of the summer to start or further develop your supernatural abilities. Listen to your inner voice, and you shall be heard!

Cancer July 2016 psychic revelation reading A palpable sense of love, understanding, and compassion for others is present.

This is coupled with a real feel for the arts (music, poetry, painting, and the like) and also a sensitivity to matters of value and of the heart.

A friend (male) will visit you. This is one you know well and love very much. This friend needs your reassurance. 

He is going through a difficult period. He feels that everything is collapsing around him. This is a man who thought he was happy in love but who realises that his love relationship is coming to an end.

Leo July 2016 psychic revelation reading You must keep your position in order to confront a person effectively. 

This person has already been your friend but he/she no longer is. You know him/her well, but it's more thanks to your intuition that you will manage to act in the right way (preventive and defensive action) to counter his/her machinations.

Stay away  from taking permanent judicial actions as your thinking is colored by who knows what. You may be suckered  into something  you don't  want to  do or  don't believe in, so watch  your step.   

Misunderstandings in  communicating with others are possible.

Virgo July 2016 psychic revelation reading Love life to most Virgo are really great at the moment. Summer Flirty ensured. The positive trend continues. Yes, maybe even better. Now deducted passion and romance on a deeper level. But conditions that do not work can definitely be a challenge.

You push hard, but much energy is wasted because you tend to lack direction and planning. 

You often work against the way things are: authorities or the status quo. It may be difficult for you to coordinate your ambitions with your actual actions and feelings.