Heavy fall? Here is the solution. Meditation focused on the positive, nurturing your body and mind.

Autumn can be difficult to get through.

Lack of light causes many become depressed and depressed at the thought of the long, dark winter ahead of us.

Now it is important to focus on the positive, nurturing your body and mind and see what we can do to make life a little easier. Here are some tips.

1) Exercise

The body is designed for movement. Many people have sedentary jobs and struggling with stress disorders.

To prevent this, one needs to exercise, but exercise should be pleasurable.

Pick an activity that you like extra well, whether it's pool training or free weights and machines. Or you can enroll in a dance course. It is a great and effective way to trim off.

2) Unstress

exercise and relaxation go hand in hand. Stress can lead to many ailments and diseases.

To work with breathing and relaxation can try yoga, meditation, Qigong, or other relaxation techniques.

Meditation is mental and bodily exercises used systematically to achieve inner peace, rest and relaxation.

There are various forms of meditation, which includes visualization, breathing techniques, mantra and respiratory focus.

Eastern meditation is very prevalent in Vedic Hinduism in India as the road to salvation and is also central to the practice of Buddhism.

In India called meditation yoga, and it also includes the physical exercises we in the West know as yoga.

In the Far East is meditation included in the Taoist philosophy and exercises like tai chi and chi gong.

3) Eat right

It is important for your health to eat the right foods and get the necessary nutrients.

You can become quite frustrated by reading magazines, where nutritionists argue about what is the right diet, for example in terms of low-carb diets.

Learn to interpret body signals about what's good for you. Need help, consult a dietary supervisor or nutritional therapist.