Gitmo travel July 4th 2016 astrology good forecast - a lucky transit.

For one night only, rapper Ludacris will perform for workers at the US Navy base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on July 4th.

The Grammy Award winning rapper will headline the annual Freedom Festival with roughly 6,000 military personnel in attendance, including troops, Department of Defense contractors, Navy families, and the last 79 war-on-terror detainees.

The concert will take place in a parking lot-like structure several miles from the prison camps and is said to be the biggest event the base has seen in quite some time.

“Every year we get a special guest around the Fourth of July, but Gitmo hasn’t seen a star with as big a name as Ludacris in several years,” said Navy Chief Monique Hilley. “The base is really looking forward to it.”

No visa or OFAC license is required to travel to Guantanamo Bay (GITMO). U.S. immigration status is irrelevant in this instance.

Gitmo travel July 4th 2016Travel to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (also called Gitmo or GTMO) is not restricted by the economic embargo imposed against Cuba.

6.5 category is for visitors, dod civilians not using eml and contractors. This is only for Guantanamo Bay as there are limitations on travel options.

You have to know someone physically at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in order to have them be your sponsor to get you all of the necessary paperwork.

For more flight information please call the annex 4850 or the air terminal at 6408.

The mission of the Air Terminal is to process all incoming and outgoing passengers, cargo and mail on AMC, Naval Air Logistics Office (NALO) and other transient military aircraft.

The Air Terminal of Guantanamo Bay is the sole gateway for air transportation of travelers, mail, and cargo into and out of U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Professional and courteous service is vital for the operational readiness of all base agencies and morale and Quality of Life for all base residents.

July 4th 2016 astrology zone predictions

Astrology chart July 4th , 2016: Tropical sign horoscope
  • Conjunction    Sun-Mercury          >3°39'< (This is considered a lucky transit. Speculation and  taking risks now could prove fortunate. New business ventures and opportunities can succeed under this aspect.)
  • Trine          Sun-Neptune          <120°46'>
  • Opposition     Sun-Pluto            >176°24'<
  • Trine          Sun-S. Pole          >118°05'<
  • Quadrature     Sun-Selena           <91°29'>
  • Trine          Moon-Neptune         >118°04'<
  • Trine          Moon-S. Pole         >115°25'<
  • Quadrature     Moon-Selena          >88°51'<
  • Trine          Moon-Lilith          <115°13'>
  • Trine          Mercury-Neptune      >117°16'<
  • Quadrature     Mercury-Selena       >87°59'<
  • Trine          Mercury-Lilith       <115°42'>
  • Trine          Venus-Mars           >123°02'<
  • Quadrature     Venus-Uranus         >85°58'<
  • Opposition     Venus-Pluto          <176°05'>
  • Trine          Venus-Hiron          >115°01'<
  • Trine          Venus-Proserpina     <119°25'>
  • Trine          Mars-Hiron           >122°14'<
  • Conjunction    Mars-Proserpina      <4°27'>
  • Trine          Jupiter-Pluto        <118°45'>
  • Conjunction    Jupiter-N. Pole      <3°08'>
  • Opposition     Jupiter-S. Pole      <177°05'>
  • Quadrature     Saturn-Neptune       <90°58'>
  • Quadrature     Saturn-N. Pole       >86°24'<
  • Quadrature     Saturn-S. Pole       >93°37'<