General Procedure for Chakra Meditation. Muladhara and Swadisthana Chakra Meditation.

Chakra Meditation - Sequentially move through the chakras in the following sequence.

1. Muladhara Chakra Meditation: 

Location: Coccyx/Perineum
Color: Red
Mantra: LAM
Astrology: Ruled by Mars
Related Gland/Organ: Anus, Prostate

Description: accumulator of earthy, stabilizing, vital energy. Related to the quality of “being grounded”, or having a strong, steady presence, both physical and psychological.

Physically related to muscular strength, a durability of bones, nails, and hair. Psychologically slow, patient, and loyal. Conceptually linked to gross matter, animal consciousness, forces of nature.

Bring your attention to the perineum, the flat space between the anus and the genital area.
General Procedure for Chakra Meditation

Take several seconds to allow your attention to find the space, and to get settled into it. Let the mantra LAM to arise repeatedly in your mind field, silently. Allow it to repeat at its own natural speed.

You may find that it comes 5-10 times and wants to pause, or you might find it wants to come continuously.

If it pauses, allow it to return in its own time. The mantra may move quickly or slowly. In any case, keep your attention on that space; this is very important.

Allow your mind to naturally be aware of the earth, solidity, or form.

Allow to come through your mind field the awareness of the karmendriya (Organ of Action) of elimination (which operates throughout the body), and the jnanendriya (Sense Organ) of smell.

2) Swadisthana Chakra Meditation: 

Location: Sacrum/Pelvis
Color: Orange
Mantra: VAM
Astrology: Ruled by Cancer
Related Gland/Organ: Testes, ovaries

Description: Collection point for sensual and sexual energy in the physical structure. The energy of polarity and opposites. Artistry, creativity, the power of the imagination.

Physically sinuous and sexy. Psychologically fickle, whimsical, lustful, chaotic. Related to lunar energy and the element of water

When you shift your attention upwards towards the second chakra, be aware of the transition, of the motion of attention and the nature of the shift of energetic, emotional, and mental experience.

Allow your attention to naturally find the placement of the second chakra.

It is important to note that the actual chakra is in the back, along the subtle spine called Sushumna, although we usually feel it in the front.

Allow the attention to rest where it naturally falls, probably in the front, but be mindful from time to time that the chakra is actually in the back.

Allow the mantra VAM to arise and repeat itself, at its own speed, naturally coming and going.

Allow the awareness of water to rise, and come to realize how this has to do with allowing forms of flow or fluidity, whether relating to energy, physical, emotional, or mental.

Explore the awareness of the karmendriya of procreation and the jnanendriya of tasting. Again, colors
or sounds may or may not come and go.