Astro Wiki: Stella Maxwell birthday horoscope forecast - You are prone to romantic longings and seducing influence.

Wiki: Born 15 May 1990 in Belgium to Northern Irish parents (Stella Maxwell father is a diplomat), Maxwell was raised in Belgium until she was 13 years old, where she attended the European School, Woluwe.

Since 2015 Stella Maxwell has been one of Victoria's Secret's Angels, among whom she is currently the only Irish model.

Celebrity horoscope: Stella Maxwell natal horoscope predictions

Ascendant in Leo horoscope meanings

Your primary motivation in life is to attain power and recognition.

You make an immediate impact on others through displaying an authoritative and commanding personality. Self-confident, self-expressive and vital, you carry yourself well and with great dignity.

Stella Maxwell birthday horoscope forecast

Ascendant Square Sun astrology meanings

You have a strong desire to become important or to gain the esteem of others. You have a knack for attracting the attention of important and even well-known or famous people.

You may tend to overwhelm other people with the power of your personality and display pride or egotism.

2nd House Cusp Ruler, Mercury, in 10th House

In order to feel financially secure, you need to establish yourself in a career. You are probably best suited to working for yourself, or in a managerial position in charge of others.

How you manage your finances affects your reputation

3rd House Cusp Ruler, Venus, in 9th House

You are curious about spiritual and religious matters and will have many philosophical discussions in life. You are interested in other cultures and may travel extensively. Early and tertiary education is important to you.

Uranus Sesquiquadrate Sun

You are very much your own person and march to your own drumbeat. An original personality, you delight in being different and unique.

You are intensely strong willed and individualistic and will go to great lengths to achieve your personal goals and objectives. You are highly independent and freedom loving, and refuse to be bound by convention.

Neptune in 5th House

You tend to have a dreamy and idealistic view on love matters and is inclined to expect more than is possible of a lover; which can lead to let downs or disappointments in love.

You are prone to romantic longings and seducing influences, or even secret love affairs. You have an appreciation of the arts, and may have a talent for dance, drama and music, or the entertainment and advertising industries.