Astro Wiki: Sophie Simmons birthday horoscope forecast - You have a strong desire to be influential.

Wiki: Sophie Simmons was born on July 7, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Sophie Alexandra Tweed Simmons.

Sophie is an actress, known for Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (2006), Shannon & Sophie (2014) and A Very Satan Christmas (2013).

Celebrity astrology: Sophie Simmons birthday horoscope chart reading

Sun in Cancer

You have powerful emotional attachments to the past, your family, your childhood, those places you associate with safety and security and your beginnings.

Maintaining a connection with your roots and heritage and keeping family bonds strong are very important to you. Loyal, devoted, and sentimental, you tend to cling to whatever is dear to you, be it person, familiar place, or cherished possession.

Sun Conjunct Venus 
Sophie Simmons birthday horoscope chart

You are loving and well-loved by others, and have a strong need for kindness, friendship, and affection. Your artistic and creative powers are also well developed and you do everything in a harmonious, gracious, pleasing manner.

Aesthetics are very important to you. Your personal appearance and attractiveness are also very important to you.

Sun in 10th house

Your career, reputation, and public image are very important to you. You have a strong desire to be influential or make your mark on the world.

The merely personal sphere does not satisfy you; your ambitions include making a major contribution and receiving broad recognition for your unique effort and gifts. You may undervalue the personal or inner side of life.

Mercury Square Mars

Argumentative and rather aggressive and critical in discussions, you tend to turn any conversation into a debate, and sometimes a verbal war.

You could be a spokesman for a righteous cause, a lawyer vigorously defending a client, a sharp analyst or critic.

You are a convincing speaker, but are not especially receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. You have a forceful intellect and an aptitude for mental work.

Jupiter in Virgo

Your ability to think things through clearly, and to analyze and understand the smallest details of any plan, is highly developed.

You have a modest nature and are more concerned with the success of your project or work than with personal aggrandizement. You enjoy working and are happiest when you are being productive and using your time efficiently.