Astro Wiki: Michelle Hunziker birthday horoscope forecast - You're a sensitive person.

Wiki: Michelle Hunziker (born 24 January 1977) is a Swiss-Italian television hostess, actress, model and singer. Michelle Hunziker was born in Sorengo (Lugano), in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Hunziker was married to Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti from 1998 to 2002.

Celebrity astrology reading:  Michelle Hunziker birthday horoscope predictions

You are a self-motivated and self-oriented individual. You like to map out your own life and follow your own path, experiencing difficulties only if anyone stands in your way. You value your independence and enjoy your own company.

You enjoy the company of other people, but only if they give you plenty of freedom for your own pursuits. You need to watch out for egocentric and selfish behaviour.

Michelle Hunziker birthday horoscope zone

You have an emotional need for action and independence. Under stress you will seek a challenge and time on your own, away from other people.

You may have experienced your mother as independent and possibly impatient. As an adult you are a go-getter.

Your social life is well-organised with friends from groups, clubs, or possibly through your business. You feel a sense of responsibility to your friends and groups.

You have an enthusiastic approach to your career. You like to be noticed publicly, and your career may have foreign connections. You may have difficulty settling down in a chosen career path if not given plenty of freedom. Teaching may appeal.

Michelle Hunziker birthday horoscope forecast

You're quite ambitious and enjoy being in the limelight, particularly when you feel comfortable in a public situation.

Generally you're popular and well-liked because other people respond to your open manner. You're a sensitive person who is affected by the emotions other people, responding with warmth and genuine affection.

You like to test ideas that have never been thought of before. At best this can be a exciting quest into unexplored territories. It can, however, be an indiscriminate rebellion against tradition.

Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic.