Astro Wiki: Maya Stepper birth chart zodiac - you are able to develop new perceptions and ideas in all areas.

Wiki: Maya Stepper (born on October 13, 1991) is a professional model who has graced the pages of publications like Maxim and Treats Magazine.

May Stepper has signed to a number of agencies around the world including Chic Management and Nevs Models.

Maya Stepper profile
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5'7.5"/171.5
  • Bust: 33b/84
  • Waist: 24/61
  • Hips: 36/91.5
  • Dress: 8/36
  • Shoe: 5/38
Celebrity astrology: Maya Stepper birth chart zodiac

Libra is an air sign and as such highlights your intellect. You constantly seek knowledge, new ideas, and mental stimulation.
libra Maya Stepper celebrity zodiac interpretation
Maya Stepper Libra Horoscope

You have the gift of being able to analyze all the social happenings in your surroundings. You also have a strong interest in all aspects of psychology and relationships with the opposite sex.

Thus, you find it easy to advise others and try to help them solve their personal problems. You often play the role of an intermediary or go-between.

You seldom give vent to your anger because you want peace and love in your life. You can portray calm judgment, even when crossed.

After longer periods of time, you can remember exactly who said what and why, and you may be prepared to use this knowledge against the people involved.

You should try to balance your life and avoid becoming too preoccupied with complicated interactions and theories. You may have broad ranging solutions for the ills of society but be unable to find the answers to personal dilemmas.

You probably enjoy an occupation that provides the opportunity to cultivate interaction with large groups.

One of your many occupations could be working at a travel agency, doing market research or training work. Your inventiveness and enthusiasm enable you to motivate others.

With Venus in the eighth house you stand to gain through your partner's financial standing or inheritance. Sexual relationships are usually harmonious, but some may prefer to follow a more spiritual path.

You enjoy sharing your experiences with others and want them to appreciate a pleasant and enjoyable feeling as well.

Opportunities should arise for you to enter into business partnerships, and if favorable, they will make it easier for you to acquire material possessions.

Maya Stepper birth chart zodiac report

If the planet Neptune is within eight degrees of the Ascendant, the characteristics of this planet will be significantly increased.

In addition, any other planetary aspect will play an important influence. When a planet in the first house is close to the Ascendant it is referred to as a rising planet. Marilyn Monroe had Neptune rising in Leo.

In a well-aspected chart, your strong imagination will work well for you in art, literature, and your chosen profession.

Others may see you as a saint or an angel, admiring your sense of compassion. You could be clairsentient, which means you can actually experience the feelings of another beyond your own feelings.