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Wiki: Genevieve Morton (born 9 July 1986) is a South African model. Genevieve Morton was born in Benoni, in the South African province of Gauteng and from there moved to a small town name Scottburgh on the South East Coast of KwaZulu-Natal at the age of twelve where she grew up.

The gorgeous blonde says her biggest accomplishment includes finally working in the states when she first started to work for JC Penny and was later picked up by IMG Models.

IMG Models is one of the important international modeling agencies, currently representing only female models. Its mother office of IMG Models is in New York City (NYC).

Genevieve Morton was named one of the top 50 swimsuit models of all time by Sports Illustrated in 2014.
GENEVIEVE MORTON birth zodiac predictions

In 2012, she appeared in the music video for the song Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw.

Celebrity astrology: GENEVIEVE MORTON birth chart astrology

The water sign of Cancer (the Crab) implies a sensitive, intuitive, tenacious, and parental nature. It can also represent a moody, worrywart type of individual.

Accordingly, most Cancerians, hide such vulnerability by placing a hard shell around themselves -- just as the Crab has a physical shell.

Very few people manage to lift this shell. To protect yourself from pain in this area, you may spontaneously go into isolation at times.

Your heart is really in the right place, but the influence of a ruling Moon in this sign can make you seem affectionate and open at one time and yet sentimental, reserved, and withdrawn the next.

Family tradition and history are quite important. You like the place you call home, probably having a good memory for the events that took place there long ago.

If you are too idealistic and touchy, it is likely that you are also clannish. Try to be aware that any negative traits you exhibit are often the result of your essential needs not being accommodated.

Try to nurture your own growth, so as to set the pace to extend outwards.

The eighth house has much to do with your involvement with what other people own and transfer, be it possessions, big business, wills, legacies-even sex.

There is also an association with mystical matters and rituals. With the Moon, your feelings and instincts interact with the affairs of this house.
GENEVIEVE MORTON birth chart astrology zone

The extent to which the affairs of this house are exercised depends on many factors that are outside of the scope of this text.

However, you will probably become emotionally immersed in the deeper issues of life, death, and the afterlife.

Such an interest could be in religion or psychic spirituality. Psychic powers may focus on the affairs of this house, and such gifts will require proper training.

The Neptune in Capricorn generation is concerned with the appropriate and efficient use of earth's resources.

This usually indicates a strong psychic ability, which in some people remains suppressed.

Many individuals, however, are required to respond to the urgings of their inner conscience by dissolving a karmic obligation through serving those that suffer.