Astro Wiki: Edita Vilkeviciute birth chart zodiac - deep emotional need for romantic attachment.

Wiki: Edita Vilkeviciute attended a model casting organised by D-Max models management while she was on vacation with her parents on the Lithuanian seaside.

After her discovery, Vilkeviciute signed to Women Management in Milan at the age of 16 years, and later, VIVA in Paris in 2006.

Her runway debut was at Just Cavalli for the spring/summer 2006 shows in Milan.

In February 2014 Edita Vilkeviciute appeared in a Vogue Paris editorial, photographed by Katja Rahlwes. In November 2014 she was on the cover of Vogue Spain and the magazine 032C which fashion director is Rihanna's personal wardrobe stylist Mel Ottenberg

Basic facts Edita Vilkeviciute
  • Age: 27, born 1 January 1989
  • Country of origin:  Lithuania
    Edita Vilkeviciute birth chart astrology
  • Currently Residing In:  United States
  • Height: 5' 9"
Celebrity astrology: Edita Vilkeviciute birth chart zodiac

Ascendant In Cancer

You are a hard-working and ambitious person, intent on building security in your professional and personal life. You are strongly motivated to get ahead, and very emotional in your way of going about your tasks.

Though ambitious you are soft and considerate, not liking to tread on other people's toes. You prefer to see your partner play the tough or dominant role, while you keep yourself in the background.

Ascendant Trine Pluto

Though not especially strong, you will be able to feel the influence of this aspect under many circumstances.

Please bear in mind that the contact between these planets is harmonious, which means that you will rarely be troubled by their negative influences. They represent a resource you can draw from.

You have a magnetic personality and tend to exert a powerful influence on your environment. Secret efforts to feel secure in your personal relationships can be exhausting - both for you and for others.

Moon In 5th House

You have a deep emotional need for romantic attachment. Your tendency to yearn for the security of love stems from unresolved unconscious issues from your own childhood connected with security.

Love affairs rarely bring lasting happiness, though it may take you some time to discover this.

A more lasting satisfaction comes from creative achievement. You know how to nurture and maintain the romance in a relationship, although you may have a rather mothering style.

Uranus Sextile Moon

You do not have conventional desires as far as domestic harmony is concerned.

Edita Vilkeviciute birth chart zodiac

You need to feel that something is happening around you. This means that you can get very restless in relationships, and if you feel bored - and you often do - then you start getting provocative.

You are best suited to relationships which keep you occupied with new daily challenges - and you have a strong need to express your emotional energy in group scenarios.

For partnership to function satisfactorily it is essential that you stop distancing yourself emotionally - this gives the impression that you do not care for your loved one.