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Wiki: Amanda Seyfried was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on December 3, 1985. Amanda mother, Ann (née Sander), is an occupational therapist, and her father, Jack Seyfried, is a pharmacist.

Amanda Seyfried began modeling when she was eleven, and acted in high school productions as well as taking singing lessons.

She landed a recurring role in the long-running US soap opera As the World Turns (1956) when she was just age 15.

Seyfried's profile gained prominence due to her role in the highly acclaimed HBO drama television series Big Love.

The series centers on a fictional fundamentalist Mormon family, in which Seyfried plays Sarah Henrickson, Bill and Barb's first daughter, who struggles with her family's polygamous faith.
Amanda Seyfried birth chart zodiac
Amanda Seyfried  famous Sagittarius native

Previously in a relationship with actor Justin Long from October 2013 to September 2015.

Celebrity astrology: Amanda Seyfried birth chart zodiac

Amanda, your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius indicating that you're a sunny and optimistic individual, with a love of adventure. In fact, adventure plays a key role in your life, whether it be literally travelling around the globe


The sign of Gemini is considered to be "masculine" by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you're more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable.

Gemini is also a Mutable sign denoting versatility, flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, restlessness, indecision and anxiety. You're clever, cunning, intuitive and restless.

Enjoying life at a fast pace you certainly live up to the Mutable side of the sign of Gemini.

You delight in taking a flexible and adaptable approach to life, preferring to keep all of your options open rather than committing to one course of action.

SQUARE THE MIDHEAVEN  Orb 4°19' Separating

You will be powerful and resourceful in your chosen career, and may have a transformative effect on those around you. For this reason, you make a better leader than a follower.
Amanda Seyfried birth chart horoscope

You may find that you choose a career that enables you to delve to the bottom of things. This can be literally plumbing or mining, or delving into the human psyche in career paths such as psychology.


You have an inclination to help other people discover their true potentials. This comes from your own lessons of self-discovery through emotional or physical wounds.

Spiritual healing and teaching may play an important role in your life.

SQUARE VENUS  Orb 6°58' Applying
You have difficulty expressing your feelings in relationships. You feel you cannot relax and be yourself when with your loved ones.

Once you have learnt to reveal your feelings in a loving manner you will develop an understanding of relationships.