2017 LOVE TAROT VIRGO & LIBRA: You are receptive to each other's needs and devoted to one another.

2017 Virgo & Libra tarot reading for LOVE Virgo and Libra, your Synastry report reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict. Hold in mind that human relationships are complex and contradictions can occur in the interpretation.

VIRGO appreciates LIBRA's imagination and is fascinated by LIBRA's depth of feeling. Similarly, LIBRA acknowledges the security that VIRGO can provide.

Problems can arise if LIBRA despairs of VIRGO's apparent lack of spiritual awareness and VIRGO tires of LIBRA's lack of practicality.

You tend to dislike change and disruption to your routines. You are inclined to hold on to the past and find it hard to let go and move on.

VIRGO's 2017 tarot love forecast

You feel good and happy when VIRGO is close by. She brings joy into your heart and feelings of lightness and fun.
2017 Virgo Libra tarot reading for LOVE

You just can't believe how great you feel when you're together. She inspires you to be creative or artistic.

You love talking to each other and enjoy sharing intimate discussions. Good communication is what makes this relationship work.

She can open your mind up to art and literature. Your social life is likely to be active and stimulating, with many invitations extended to you as a couple.

LIBRA's 2017 tarot love forecast

With LIBRA you feel you can reveal your most private thoughts and confide in her without being judged or compromised.

She is someone who empathises with you and knows how to pick you up when you feel down. Take care, however, that you don't become too needy or dependent on her, because it could drain her emotionally. Emotional support is a two-way street.

2017 LOVE TAROT READING VIRGO & LIBRA You might not find a better friend in life than you have in LIBRA.

She is loyal, trustworthy and generous. You literally feel yourself light up inside when she calls or walks into the room.

You support each other's ambitions and push one another along to achieve your personal and shared goals. Together, you enjoy an active lifestyle and take great pleasure in being constantly busy.

The attraction that you feel towards each other is undeniable and if you manage to pull your resources together you're a force to be reckoned with.

To other people, you are a 'power couple' who know how to use power to get what you want in life.