Tarot Reading Presidential Election 2016. Psychic predictions Presidential Election 2016.

What does the presidential election 2016 mean to the American people, and how will it likely unfold in the next months.

The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election.

The winner of the 2016 presidential election will be sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of America? Maybe...

Celtic Cross Tarot card Reading
  • Tarot card Position 1 - Ace of Cups Reversed
  • Tarot card  Position 2 - 2 of Pentacles
  • Tarot card  Position 3 - 7 of Pentacles Reversed
  • Tarot card  Position 4 - 5 of Swords
  • Tarot card  Position 5 - 6 of Swords
    Tarot Reading Presidential Election 2016 Hillary Clinton predictions
  • Tarot card  Position 6 - Queen of Cups
  • Tarot card  Position 7 - King of Swords
  • Tarot card  Position 8 - 10 of Pentacles
  • Tarot card  Position 9 - Page of Swords Reversed
  • Tarot card  Position 10 - Sun
Cards 3 and 5 tell us a great deal about the present state of mind of the American people concerning this election.

Tarot card 5 (6 of Swords) suggests that collectively we are rather depressed and apathetic. We have low expectations for the future and feel unenthusiastic about both of the candidates.

Mainly we're focused on just trying to get by day-to-day, keeping our heads above water. We believe that the election won't make a big difference one way or the other. Who cares?

Card 3 reinforces this idea, but also adds a new understanding. The 7 of Pentacles reversed suggests that at a deep level we do not really want to seriously take stock of our society and do something about changing it.

We may say we want a direction change and maybe we actually believe it, but unconsciously we don't really have the energy or will to do what's required. Our unrecognized motivation is to leave things the way they are. Real change is just too scary and too demanding.

Tarot card  Position 8 (10 of Pentacles)   is also important here because it shows us what we want as Americans - what our expectations are for the president. The 10 of Pentacles stands for the ideal atmosphere of a prosperous, growing economy.

We seek the security and comfort of affluence. As a people, we are also basically conservative. We may say
we want change, but that's not really the case. We only want change that will bring us back to the prosperity that we feel should be ours.

The Queen of Cups as Card 6 in the Near Future is one that strikes me as completely unexpected and out-of-place.

This Queen is the ultimate expression of an inner state of love, sensitivity and caring. She is the embodiment of the spirit reflected in the Ace of Cups.

I see her appearance here as a unequivocal sign that this is the quality we need to embrace in our future. I can only hope too that she is a sign that her gentle spirit and reverence for life will become more and more evident in our political dialogue.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of America.

Too impossible, you say? Maybe not.