SAGITTARIUS horoscope forecast October 2016: relationship with your partner may be the source of troubles.

October 2016 SAGITTARIUS horoscope zone reading This is an intense time when your emotional attachments will be challenged.

This can be traumatic and leave you feeling quite vulnerable. Therefore it is a good time for entering therapy, or taking any action which will help you gain insight into your deeper levels and your life.

Perhaps you would like your life to take a more spiritual direction, or at least to slow down a little, but you can't seem to make the appropriate changes.

The lesson of this transit is patience. Forcing matters will simply cause more problems.

You strive to make your mark on the world. This may be beneficial, but could become disruptive if you become too caught up in an ideal.
SAGITTARIUS horoscope forecast October 2016

You enjoy the company of other people, but only if they give you plenty of freedom for your own pursuits. You need to watch out for egocentric and selfish behaviour.

Sagittarius astrology horoscope forecast October 2016 Your relationship with your partner may be the source of your troubles.

Perhaps circumstances or someone else's actions are blocking your path to an intimate relationship.

Perhaps social obligations are the cause of friction. Whatever the circumstances the key is to have some patience.

Responsibilities simply don't seem to hold the same appeal as play. On a more positive note you're fun-loving and enjoy the company of other people, particularly young people and children.

Others respond to your sense of fun and you don't have to look far for company in your playful escapades.

October 2016 Sagittarius horoscope predictions Even though the opportunities that arise during this tedious time may not be flashy, they’re nonetheless real.

During a Saturn transit, facing reality is essential. Although you may need to streamline or limit your goals in some way, Saturn rewards your efforts.

You may be experiencing a bit of a crunch as your career direction (and path to success) squares off against your more personal interests. This may be a real test for you. Be careful not to blow an opportunity for success.