Prediction accidents horoscope - Astrology forecast for Injuries and Mishappenings

Astrology beginners lessons: Personal Horoscope Predictions  DISPOSITION to accidents is shown by the affliction of the Ascendant or Moon the by the adverse aspects of the violent planets Mars, Saturn etc.

If both the Sun and Moon are so afflicted and the afflicting planet be elevated above the luminaries, there is liability of a fatal termination, which only the intervening good aspect of or can prevent.

Note that a planet intervenes only when its aspect is formed be/ore that of the afflicting body.

Mars when so afflicting the Ascendant or luminaries disposes to accidents by fire; also cuts, bleeding wounds and abrasions.

In human signs Aquarius, Pisces or Libra it may bring operations or hurts by human hands. In watery signs, scalds; in fiery signs, burns; in earthy signs, abrasions.

Astrology forecast for Injuries and Mishappenings

Saturn thus afflicting denotes falls, fractures, bruises, blows from falling objects, etc. In earthy signs by falls, earthquakes, explosions of mines, etc.; in watery signs, drowning; in airy signs, by falls from a height; in fiery signs, by explosive missiles, etc.

Uranus similarly afflicting denotes ruptures, broken bones, compound fractures, accidents by machinery, and all extraordinary casualties.

Neptune shows danger of poisoning by drugs, noxious gases, etc

The source from which danger emanates is to be seen from the position of the afflicting planet, as if Mars  be in the 6th House, the hurt will come from physicians (surgeons) or servants; in the 3rd, on short journeys; in the 9th, in foreign lands; in the 5th, by sport or play, etc.

The affliction being from the 8th House is especially sinister, as it threatens a fatality.