November 2016 Gemini Horoscope. November 2016 Gemini Best Days for Money & Love.

Gemini November 2016 Horoscope zone prediction This is a time of rapid spiritual growth or increased creative activity in which you feel a greater bond to the universe.

You will be enriched through isolation, and can experience great pleasure through communion with nature or meditative activity.

It is your inner life that matters now, so concentrate on spiritual growth. You may feel drawn to act more compassionately, and your understanding of the human predicament is enhanced.

You may feel that your destiny is interwoven with some larger plan. Greater awareness of the direction you wish your life to take can mean making a few adjustments.

Do not let inflated ideas about your destiny or personal importance lead you astray.

November 2016 Gemini Fortune forecast
November 2016 Gemini Horoscope

November 2016 Gemini Best Days Forecast: 4, 6, 12, 16

November 2016 Gemini Most Stressful Days Forecast: 1, 5, 18, 19

November 2016 Gemini Best Days for Love: 3, 8, 11, 28

November 2016 Gemini Best Days for Money: 6, 7, 11, 15

November 2016 Gemini Best Days for Career: 4, 7, 13, 27

November 1 -15, 2016 Gemini Horoscope zone forecast Your mind is set on hair trigger just now and this could result in some hasty decisions, if not a few explosions.

There may be a lot of tense energy and unusual thoughts. You could find yourself changing your mind again and again.

It is important to weigh the balance between career and family commitments now. Do not be influenced by what other people expect of you - only you can know what it is that you really need in life.

November 16 -30, 2016 Gemini astrology Horoscope prediction During this period you will be initiated into the use of power and secrecy in the professional sphere.

This may be because you discover hidden factors, corruption or power misuse behind some professional facade, or it may be because you learn to harness your own personal power or psychological insight in your career.

Your thoughts and ideas go against their secretive, power-oriented manner, and you are not afraid to tell them so.