LOVE Horoscope Gemini & Sagittarius 2017: This is indeed a passionate union.

2017 the Astrology Compatibility Report for Gemini and Sagittarius male Emotional bonds are important in personal relationships and when two people's Moons are in a positive aspect there is a feeling of empathy and understanding which is required for intimacy.

Gemini and Sagittarius can relax in the knowledge that they are compatible on an emotional level. Instinctively they feel comfortable in each other's company.

They know how each other feels and are willing to consider their loved one's feelings along with their own.

Gemini ands Sagittarius enjoy spending time in each other's company because intuitively they understand each other.

2017 Love Horoscope Forecast Sagittarius male & Gemini female The success of this relationship largely depends on each person's ability to accept the other person's differences.
LOVE Horoscope Gemini  Sagittarius 2017

Sagittarius may eventually have difficulty understanding Gemini's emotional nature.

Sagittarius may feel impatient and frustrated by the limitations placed on him by Gemini. Gemini may feel overwhelmed by Sagittarius's personality.

The initial excitement of the association with someone so opposing in nature may be replaced by feelings of insecurity.

It's important for both Gemini and Sagittarius to continue to appreciate each other's differences at all times and to realise that this relationship is potentially very rewarding if the difficulties can be faced and resolutions found.

2017 Yearly Astrology Love Zone Sagittarius and Gemini This relationship can be a positive or a negative experience, depending on how Gemini and Sagittarius handle intense feelings.

Some individuals thrive on intensity, while others feel threatened and powerless. Gemini is likely to feel that Sagittarius has transformed her life in some way.

It's possible that Sagittarius has changed the way that Gemini feels about the world, making her conscious of things that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time.