LEO October 2016 Horoscope forecast zone: You feel temporarily blocked now!

October 2016 LEO astrology horoscope forecast You are headstrong and rash at this time. Wild and daring physical activities, or just plain recklessness and impatience, can put you into dangerous situations.

Your drive for freedom, independence, and absolute authority over your own life is quite strong. You tend to be very abrupt and inconsiderate of others.

It's best for you not to try to cooperate or slow down your pace to suit other people too much.

You feel temporarily blocked now. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires onto the world, as friction is the only likely result.

Relations with men can be especially tense.

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LEO October 2016 Horoscope forecast zone reading

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LEO October 2016 horoscope zone reading A non-stop flow of communication between yourself and the people in your immediate environment is likely today.

You may engage in interesting and informative discussions or fritter your time away in inconsequential chatter and gossip. Mental curiosity or restlessness may also impel you to take a short trip or visit.

In love, you are more interested in a person's sense of humor and intelligence than in their physique. You like a partner who is mentally alive and who keeps you guessing a little bit, and you become restless and bored with someone who never asks questions, never changes or surprises you.

Talking, sharing ideas, going places together, and learning new things together is very important to your happiness.

LEO October 2016 astrology forecast Sober or somber thoughts, perhaps a little too heavy come to mind and can’t be ignored.

Perhaps not clear at first, this will come in time, in particular relating to emotional control or discipline, perhaps involving younger people, the past, and, in general, your support network.

Plans with great originality or inventiveness are stalled by everyday obstacles that stand in their way.

They must be dealt with, and workarounds should be easily forthcoming.