Astro Wiki: Rachel Starr natal horoscope chart - Innovative, original, unorthodox, and unconventional.

WIKI:  Brandy Hargrove aka Rachel Starr Born on November 26, 1983. Gorgeous, buxom, and shapely brunette stunner Rachel Starr was born Brandy Hargrove on in Burleson, Texas.

Brandy Hargrove aka Rachel Starr Height:  5' 4¼" (1,63 m)

Brandy Hargrove aka Rachel Starr birthday horoscope forecast

Sun in Sagittarius horoscope reading:

To you, life is a journey, an adventure, endlessly interesting and rich with possibilities, and it may be difficult for you to decide where to focus your attention and efforts.

You probably traveled around and experimented with many different paths before you settled on a particular career. Or you may go from one project to the next, for once the challenge and vital interest is gone, you are very quick to move on.

Astro Wiki Rachel Starr natal horoscope chart forecast

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter astrology meanings:

You enjoy philosophical speculation and theorizing about abstract ideas and concepts. You are interested in the broad view, universal principles and systems, seeing connecting relationships and patterns, and seeing the whole picture rather than its component parts.

You have a great respect and thirst for knowledge and education, and are the proverbial "perpetual student".

Sun Conjunct Uranus horoscope meanings:

Innovative, original, unorthodox, and unconventional, you identify with the role of rebel, reformer, or iconoclast. You insist upon a great deal of personal freedom and do not easily adapt yourself to others' needs and wishes.

You need a lifestyle that allows you to be spontaneous. Often you feel that you are somehow different from other people and outside the mainstream of society.

Brandy Hargrove aka Rachel Starr birthday horoscope zone

Moon Trine Mercury natal horoscope reading:

You would be an excellent teacher or counselor for you listen sympathetically, and encourage others to express their inner thoughts and feelings. 

People trust and confide in you, and you are able to read between the lines and to sense what their feelings are as well as what they are saying. You work well with and understand women, and the emotional, feminine side of life.