Astro Wiki: Maitland Ward birthday horoscope forecast - Your challenge is to create your own rules and beliefs.

Wiki: Maitland Ward (born Ashley Maitland Welkos; February 3, 1977) is an American actress. Ward began her career as "Jessica Forrester" on Dragoste si putere (1987), where she appeared for three years. From there, she guest-starred on Home Improvement (1991).

In 2004, Maitland Ward starred in the comedy White Chicks (2004) with the Wayans Brothers.

Ward married real estate baron Terry Baxter on October 21, 2006.

Celebrity horoscope: Maitland Ward natal horoscope chart reading

Your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius indicating that you're unconventional, friendly, unpredictable and innovative. Anything new and original will appeal, particularly if it goes against convention.
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A regular livewire, you've an electric quality about your personality, which makes it difficult for you to sit still for long and also makes you attractive to people from all.

Your Sun is in the 10th House of your birth chart meaning that you're the sort of person who likes to make your mark on the world, in particular through your profession.

Depending on other influences in your chart you're likely to be born to parents of good standing in the community.

You've high moral standards, which you apply to yourself and to other people.

Fortunately your vitality and health are usually good and therefore you're well able to achieve your goals.

SUN OPPOSITE SATURN You feel that forces are against you in life. You are always stopped from doing what you want. As a child, a father figure, may have been strict and imposing.

As an adult you continue to feel this restrictions. You may also fear pushing beyond the restrictions. Your challenge is to create your own rules and beliefs on which to build your life.

SUN CONJUNCT THE MIDHEAVEN Your reputation is important. This is a fortunate position of the Sun. Therefore you are likely to receive support enabling you to achieve your life ambitions.

Others are happy to see you have your moment, or moments, in the sun. You need only set your goals, pace yourself and shine.
Maitland Ward birthday horoscope forecast zone
Maitland Ward birthday horoscope chart

VENUS IN ARIES You will pursue a partner ardently and hastily, and yet strive for freedom and independence, once you are in an intimate relationship.

You like to be the initiator in relationships, and can be aggressive. You may be a spendthrift.

JUPITER IN TAURUS You are on a persistent search for the truth. You have the ability to be a loyal and wise teacher. You have a strong desire for abundance.

2017 it is time to let go of projects which are distracting you from achieving your purpose in life. Goals which have outlived their usefulness need to be shelved while you consolidate your current activities, particularly any business or professional dealings.

You may also discover that hobbies have been taking up a little too much time and need to be put on the backburner during this transit.