Astro Wiki: Lucie Theodorova birthday horoscope forecast - You are capable of a lot of love and affection.

Wiki: Lucie Theodorova born on December 18, 1982 in Czech Republic.

Lucie Theodorova natal horoscope predictions

Ascendant in Taurus astrology meanings
Your primary motivation in life is to gain secure material circumstances and to acquire possessions. You display a calm and placid nature, coupled with a high level of patience and the ability to make others feel at ease in your company.

You have a conservative personality and are concerned with the practical things of life. You can also be highly sensual and comfort loving, with a tendency towards laziness or self-indulgence. An interest in the arts is possible.

2nd House Cusp in Gemini horoscope meanings
Wiki Lucie Theodorova birthday horoscope zone

You are the quintessential wheeler-dealer, with your finger on the financial pulse. You have a quick mind and the ability to keep up with the play where money's concerned.

You could score well in the markets or on the Internet, because you are alert to where the action is and where things are happening next. To build up capital, you may hold down more than one job at a time.

Moon's North Node Opposition Sun (7z57' A) meanings
You have a testing relationship with others, either with authority figures or in your own capacity as an authority figure.

You may feel blocked by other people from achieving your objectives, or experience difficult relations with others due to ego clashes. You count important and significant people among your connections.

5th House Cusp in Leo meanings
You are ardent and expressive in love and readily show your feelings. You are capable of a lot of love and affection.

You know how to amuse yourself and others. At times, you can be demanding in love and melodramatic.

Pluto in Libra meanings
You have an almost revolutionary approach to inter-personal relationships, with the capability to challenge and transform public perceptions about marriage and partnership.

You tend to hold and express extreme views regarding social issues. You are a member of an intense and powerful generation that has the capability to fascinate and wield power over others.

Lucie Theodorova birthday horoscope forecast
Lucie Theodorova birth horoscope chart
2017 Lucie Theodorova path life horoscope

Your personal environment is likely to be very busy now, with many communications and conversations with others.

However, a word out of place or a rash decision could cause heated arguments.

During this period you will tend to be very action orientated and self-motivated. You can get a lot accomplished now.

However, you have to be careful that you don't push others around in the process, as it is likely to cause friction.