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Wiki: Kendra Leigh Baskett (born June 12, 1985) is an American television personality, businesswoman, glamour model, and author.

While working as a model, Kendra was invited to Hugh Hefner's 78th birthday and became a Playmate.

Kendra Wilkinson is a producer and actress, known for The Girls Next Door (2005), The House Bunny (2008) and Kendra on Top (2012).

Kendra has been married to Hank Baskett since June 27, 2009. They have two children.

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Mercury is in home territory here where, to you, everything can be rationalized. Unless contradicted elsewhere in your chart, feelings have very little to do with most problems, and logic is the answer to everything.
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This is because Mercury in Gemini is concerned more with facts than with personal views.

Everything must have a simple explanation -- metaphysics may seem rather alien to you. Your mind is quite inventive; you have a clever knack of wriggling out of most difficulties!

In the sign of Cancer, Mars experiences its fall. Your Martian energies here make it difficult for you to adequately manifest your desires because the planet Mars and the sign of Cancer draw from completely different energy forms.

As a female with this positioning of Mars, you prefer men who radiate warmth, romance, and sensitivity. You would rather see a man cry than sweat from working out with weights. Ungainly male expression turns you off. You need someone whom you can curl up with in front of the fireplace and talk about having children.

The Saturn in Scorpio generation needs to learn specific lessons regarding intimacy and emotions. As with any water sign, emotions can be numbed or restricted.

You will likely be strongly disciplined, which can give way to a denial of social and/or sexual activities. This is because of a preference to pursue a quest for monetary security.

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If you take religion seriously, you may hold dogmatic views. You can be very unforgiving if you feel that you have been deceived and may plot and scheme for revenge.

You are seemingly incapable of forgiving and forgetting even the slightest of insults. The resolution for this placement lies in transforming desires into soul growth by way of group and partner relationships.

As a person to whom unconventional things come in a conventional manner, you could easily expand your knowledge in a number of esoteric subjects.

You are quite tolerant of other people's lifestyle and outlook. With your enthusiasm and peaceful attitude towards others, you are able to form many friendships and enjoy general popularity.

You generally welcome change and can easily adapt more readily than most.