Astro Wiki: Franceska Jaimes natal horoscope: if something captures your imagination, you can work fanatically!

Wiki: Franceska Jaimes Born on September 20, 1985 in Bogota, Columbia. Franceska Jaimes has been working as a glamour model in Colombia and Spain. Franceska Jaimes was Interviu Spain Cover in 2005, appearing in other important magazines like GQ Spain and Soho in Colombia.

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Sun in Virgo astrology meaning:

At heart you are modest and humble, and you rarely strive to be in the limelight or in a position of power. You have a sharp analytical mind, a keen eye for detail, and you prefer to observe, dissect, and study life from a distance.

Conscientious and conservative, you can be relied upon to be careful, efficient, and thorough in your work and you take pride in doing a job well.

Mercury in Virgo zodiac meaning:
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You are an exacting perfectionist with a clear, logical, analytical mind and an aptitude for work that requires meticulous attention to detail and efficient organization.

Well-grounded and pragmatic, you tend to develop specialized skills and technical expertise in some practical field.

Knowledge, ideas, and theories don't really interest you unless they are useful in a tangible way. You are inclined to analyze, measure, and dissect everything and to miss nuances, subtle shades of feeling and meaning.

Sun-Jupiter-Uranus 61st Harmonic

You are enthusiastic and have a good sense of humor. Your optimism and progressive, forward-looking attitude leads you on a path of fresh and interesting opportunities.

Do not waste time involving yourself with less responsive, more conservative people, organizations, and groups, because your own personal advancement will be hindered by such people; it is better to surround yourself with responsive, progressive people like yourself.

Pluto Conjunct Mars/Neptune 0 deg 32 min

Performing daily chores bores you, but if something captures your imagination, you can work fanatically without taking time to even rest or possibly even to eat.

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You can be successful in an area that allows you to apply yourself with the complete dedication that you are capable of.

Sun in 11th house:

Leading groups and classes, and being involved in community efforts, social activities, events or movements are areas where you really shine and express your creativity.