Astro Wiki: Aletta Ocean birth horoscope reading - you are rather romantic and easily led astray by matters of the heart.

Wiki: Aletta Ocean Born on December 14, 1987, Hungaria.

Aletta Ocean Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

Aletta Ocean Weight 125 lb (57 kg)

 Aletta Ocean natal horoscope predictions

Ascendant In Aquarius LIFE-PATH: Future vision

You may well have had an unusual upbringing which will have brought out the outsider in your nature.

You are a friendly person, extremely curious about other people, yet you may often feel that you do not belong. You seek out groups to be with and are extremely loyal, but may be disappointed by your friends.
Aletta Ocean birth horoscope reading zone

It is difficult for you to understand that the bonds of friendship do not supersede those of family or marriage. In your own intimate relationships, partners find you friendly but cool and distant.

You have very little personal ego, and have difficulty understanding what you see as other people's self-obsession. You are stubborn, particularly as regards your opinions.

Saturn In Sagittarius: SELF-RELIANCE: Wisdom through experience

There was a strong emphasis on world events at the time of your birth and you may have been subjected to strong opinions regarding politics, social issues or religion which will have had a formative effect on your personal convictions today.

You will have been more or less affected by a tendency by your parents or society to moralise or exert ideological influence.

This may be reflect negatively in your own character by your having restrictive and conventional views about everything, or positively by your overcoming this influence and developing your own convictions based on personal experience.

It is particularly important that you build up a strong set of philosophical values which can help you explain the meaning of your existence.

Moon In Libra EMOTIONS: Smooth out differences

Aletta Ocean birth horoscope reading zone
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You are most content when you are firmly ensconced with friends, or in a secure partnership. And you are willing to make considerable compromises to ensure that things function smoothly in this area.

Injustice can make you lose your poise, and you are very concerned about fairness and equality. However you are eager to please, and unwilling to take a controversial role. On the other hand you are rather romantic and easily led astray by matters of the heart.

On the road to maturity there will be radical developments in partnership matters which force you to re-evaluate your dependence on others.