2017 DOG Predictions For Love and Money - DOG Horoscope 2017 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

2017 Fire TIGER Year Chinese Horoscope forecast for DOG: love, luck, money, work, family forecast.

Dignified and principled, this confident canine is what the Tibetan’s call the “Iron Dog”- rightly so as this formidable character has an unbendable will and unquestionable loyalty.

When decided on a cause he deems worthy, he faithfully pursues it with boldness and conviction, highly critical and on the lookout for any foul play or unfairness – things he despises with a passion.

DOG birth years - Chinese Horoscope
  • 1910 2.10 - 1911 1.29: Metal Dog
  • 1922 1.28 - 1923 2.15: Water Dog
  • 1934 2.14 - 1935 2.3: Wood Dog
  • 1946 2.2 - 1947 1.21: Fire Dog
    DOG Horoscope 2017 Chinese Zodiac Forecast
  • 1958 2.18 - 1959 2.7: Earth Dog
  • 1970 2.6 - 1971 1.26: Metal Dog
2017 horoscope forecast for metal DOG For the duration of this transit you will be motivated to act freely and independently. You require a lot of change and variety in your life now. Physically, you may alter your appearance in some way.

Your relationships with other people will be tested at this time and possibly a contact will be terminated.

Don't see this as a bad thing; in all likelihood the connection had reached the end of its purpose in your life.

2017 horoscope forecast for water DOG Things will probably go better for you this year if you listen more than talk.

Be tolerant of others' beliefs and opinions. You can  win new  friends if you exercise that discipline.

If you like to argue, then  this is  the day you  may get  your fill.   Remember, you  probably can't  or won't change someone's mind, so apply your  energy more  constructively.

2017 horoscope forecast for earth DOG You will enjoy the acknowledgement of your peers and possess the knowledge that your efforts are making a difference.

However, this is not a time for you to think to yourself: "I've arrived; now I can put my feet up and relax". Instead, you will be expected to shoulder more responsibility than ever before.

Wood DOG 2017 horoscope forecast reading Your interest in philosophy, religion and mysticism may deepen and strengthen.

However, if you've been let down in any of these areas you may abandon them and become cynical. Academically, this can be an excellent time to start a course of study, because you will have the discipline and seriousness of mind to apply yourself.

2017 horoscope forecast for fire DOG This should be a very harmonious and easy going year for you. Your main objective is to control over-indulging yourself with food and drink or on spending money.

You are likely to pamper yourself this year. Just don't get carried away.