September 2016 TAURUS Horoscope forecast reading. Taurus Lucky Days for Love: 4, 11, 24

Taurus September 2016 monthly horoscope forecast reading With this transit, there can be a tendency to get so wrapped up with an idea or plan that important details get overlooked or ignored.

Therefore, you will benefit from listening to other people's opinions about your ideas, because they can offer constructive criticism and advice.

You have the ability to create a fortunate balance between fun and work. You shoulder your responsibilities while at the same time making the most of new opportunities to expand your world.

You feel confident in many areas of your life, as you use your good judgement to make decisions that have the potential for long-term success.

September 2016 TAURUS Horoscope forecast zone reading

Taurus Monthly Lucky Horoscope Zone September 2016
  • September 2016 Taurus Lucky Days Forecast: 6, 16, 21
  • September 2016 Taurus Most Stressful Days Forecast: 1, 9, 19
  • September 2016 Taurus Lucky Days for Love: 4, 11, 24
  • September 2016 Taurus Lucky Days for Money: 1, 13, 23
  • September 2016 Taurus Best Days for Career: 3, 12, 25
September 2016 Taurus horoscope predictions oracle This can be a good time for discussing important issues, as long as you keep everything in perspective and don't exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. Avoid hasty decisions.

Power is a key word. You feel powerful and will cross paths with powerful people. It is important to use your power in a positive manner and to avoid all manipulative plays at one-upmanship.

You meet life with a renewed vigour and intensity and need to remember that this may overwhelm others at times.

A lack of drive or self-motivation is possible now. You may be more inclined to adopt a care-free attitude and treat yourself to little indulgences. Your thinking is more likely than not to be on love and romance, or play.

September 1, 2016 horoscope chart: Tropical sign
  • Conjunction    Sun-Saturn           <1°28'>
  • Trine          Sun-Uranus           >121°01'<
  • Quadrature     Sun-Hiron            >91°08'<
  • Trine          Moon-Mercury         <120°53'>
  • Trine          Moon-Pluto           >115°04'<
  • Trine          Moon-N. Pole         <115°47'>
  • Trine          Mercury-N. Pole      <123°27'>
  • Quadrature     Venus-Selena         <89°31'>
  • Quadrature     Mars-Proserpina      <93°07'>
  • Quadrature     Mars-Lilith          <91°21'>
  • Opposition     Jupiter-Uranus       >177°47'<
  • Quadrature     Jupiter-Pluto        <87°47'>
  • Trine          Saturn-Uranus        >121°45'<
  • Quadrature     Saturn-Hiron         >91°47'<
  • Quadrature     Uranus-Pluto         >94°26'<
  • Opposition     Neptune-N. Pole      <177°31'>
  • Conjunction    Neptune-S. Pole      <2°36'>
  • Trine          N. Pole-Selena       >123°09'<
  • Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     >120°<
  • Trine          Hiron-Lilith         <117°58'>