2017 RABBIT Predictions For Love and Money - RABBIT Horoscope 2017 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

2017 Fire TIGER Year Chinese Horoscope forecast for RABBIT: love, luck, money, work, family forecast

Rabbit birth years - Chinese astrology
  • 1939 Feb 19 - 1940 Feb 7: Earth Rabbit
  • 1951 Feb 6 - 1952 Jan 26: Metal Rabbit
  • 1963 Jan 25 - 1964 Feb 12: Water Rabbit
  • 1975 Jan 11 - 1976 Jan 30: Wood Rabbit
  • 1987 Jan 29 - 1988 Feb 16: Fire Rabbit
  • 1999 Feb 16 - 2000 Feb 4: Earth Rabbit
Lucky years for Rabbit folk are the years of the Rabbit, the Rat, the Horse and the Goat.

Happy events, prosperity and achievements are in the spotlight, with little change and upheaval, just as he likes it.
2017 RABBIT Horoscope Predictions For Love and Money

2017 Fire TIGER horoscope forecast for RABBIT This is a time when meetings have particular significance in terms of karma and your growth as an individual soul.

You may have a powerful experience connected with some group activity now and gain greater insight into your soul and your fate as a human being.

Progress in your career depends on your ability to think in completely new channels and harness modern methods - both as far as technology is concerned, but also concerning revolutionary methods.

Chinese Horoscope 2017 Rabbit LUCKY Forecast

Rabbit Lucky gem 2017:  Jade

2017 Rabbit Lucky Color: Green

Rabbit Lucky months 2017 : the 5th and 9th Chinese lunar months.

2017 RABBIT Horoscope Predictions in year of Fire TIGER This is a time of exciting possibilities and great inventiveness.

The urge to be free and uncommitted may well have to be given priority over personal ambitions now.

Restricting life patterns can be replaced or adjusted by exploring new avenues for the future.

Inasmuch as you are hampered by a sense of insufficiency or inferiority as regards your abilities, you can gain renewed confidence and faith in yourself now by defining future goals and working hard to achieve them.

You can build a lasting niche for yourself in society at this time by laying new foundations for the future.