2017 DRAGON Predictions For Love and Money - DRAGON Horoscope 2017 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

2017 Fire TIGER Year Chinese Horoscope forecast for DRAGON: love, luck, money, work, family forecast.

Dragon birth years - Chinese Horoscope
  • February 13, 1964 to February 1, 1965: Wood Dragon
  • January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977: Fire Dragon
  • February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989: Earth Dragon
  • February 5, 2000 to January 23, 2001: Metal Dragon
  • January 23, 2012 to February 9, 2013: Water Dragon
2017 horoscope forecast for earth DRAGON You must maintain your dignity.  This is a period that makes it easier to sacrifice, but you can overdo it, becoming a doormat for others to step on simply to maintain a degree of peace.

Know your limits and maintain healthy relationships.
DRAGON Horoscope 2017 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Ideas flow, and you are willing to learn.  Attend a lecture or a class.  What you learn will be beneficial to you, and the ideas you have will benefit others too.  You may travel about a lot at this time.

2017 horoscope forecast for metal DRAGON Things will probably go better for you today if you listen more than talk. Be tolerant of others' beliefs and opinions. You can  win new  friends if  you exercise that discipline.

If you like to argue, then  this is  the day you  may get  your fill.   Remember, you  probably can't  or won't change someone's mind, so apply your  energy more  constructively.

2017 horoscope forecast for water DRAGON The Dragon just cannot help but win. Free spirits make up the majority of those born in Dragon years, and Dragons possess greater intuition than other signs.

According to Chinese tradition, the weather conditions at the time of a Dragon’s birth have a great deal of influence on the course of their lives.

 for your career, while your mind is clear.  You will be successful if you follow these ideas later.  This is a good time to talk with others, and to negotiate some kind of business.

Organizing your personal and household affairs now will bring more harmony later.

2017 horoscope forecast for wood DRAGON You will probably overindulge yourself  this year, with regrets later. This  is  true  both  with  eating  and  spending.

A  distinct laziness  may overcome you  and you  will want  to be  pampered. Self-discipline  is needed in order to avoid trouble now or  later. Others  may think  you are too spoiled. Don't procrastinate.

Try  a little romance instead  of brute  force.  Express  your feminine  side rather than your masculine side.

2017 horoscope forecast for fire DRAGON Others may not appreciate your more dreamy and other-worldly qualities just now.

Your image and ideals could be challenged by another who sees you as impractical and not down-to-earth. You may be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Expect a sense of support and good will from those around you. Perhaps you feel this is really you -- how you feel and are.