2016 Mars retrograde. What is the impact on the horoscope. What happens when Mars is retrograde.

Every two years, Mars goes retrograde, as will happen from 17 April - 29 June 2016.  When Mars is retrograde natives should think twice before acting, because the planet will tend to lower the vital energy and reveals frustration.

5 things not to do when Mars is retrograde.

1) Do not buy mechanical equipment or automobile

Since Mars negatively influence the success of the operations in which metal objects are required, no purchase of mechanical equipment, cars or computers is recommended at this time. When Mars is retrograde, the chances that equipment to deteriorate since the first use are quite high.

2) Do not get involved in a trial, especially if it is a divorce

During this period, the injured person is likely to lose a lawsuit, and the guilty get away, precisely because the resolution of conflicts in court is still governed by Mars, the planet of war, which is changing the game when it is retrograde.

Wiki what happens when Mars is retrograde

3) Do not start new activities

The new projects will bring you more frustration than satisfaction during this period and you will not have enough energy to get success. Adjust your expectations.

4) No scheduled surgery

Mars rules operations. Mars has an impact on surgeons. It is a planet that handles the energy of objects made of metal. Visits to the hairdresser is not recommended at this time.

5) Do not argue

Mars, the planet of war, changing the game in this period. Thus, since April 17, 2016 triggering the conflict are usually the losers!

To be sure retrograde Mars does not give you life upside down, use this time to slow down and reassess your whole life.

Choose a common vision to reconcile everyone.