July 2016 TAURUS Horoscope forecast: Patience is a virtue which seems so difficult to maintain during this transit.

July 2016 TAURUS horoscope prediction  During this period you are vulnerable to feelings of confusion and lack of direction.

You seem to be treading water no matter how hard you try to put your plans into action. You may find yourself daydreaming of better times.

You are struggling to get what you want from your loved one. In fact relationships of all kinds, particularly with women, may be a source of difficulty right now.

The trouble is that you or your loved one are expecting too much.
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July 2016 TAURUS monthly horoscope reading During this transit you tend to feel irritable and frustrated as you want to break free of past restrictions.

Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if you feel that something or someone is standing in your way.

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TAURUS zodiac July 2016 horoscope forecast However, it will be advisable that the most critical copies in the sign control this tendency a little to the obsession and to seek that all how many they surround them they are so retailers as them, if they don't want to have conflicts or fights with some friend, what can be very probable that happens to the native of the second decanato.

Explosive arguments could lead to going your own way when someone or something tries to confine you. Your own sense of independence and freedom is being challenged.

Patience is a virtue which seems so difficult to maintain during this transit, and yet it is the trait which you need to develop.