July 2016 CANCER Horoscope forecast: Coldness in love affairs is possible.

July 2016 CANCER monthly horoscope reading During this transit you tend to feel irritable and frustrated as you want to break free of past restrictions.

Rebellion can be a major problem, particularly if you feel that something or someone is standing in your way. Patience is a virtue which seems so difficult to maintain during this transit, and yet it is the trait which you need to develop.

CANCER July 2016 lucky days: 6, 14, 22

CANCER July 2016 unlucky days: 2, 12, 19

If you are  feeling unloved  or unlovable,  remember that  you first have to give love before you can get love. And not  the selfish kind of love that  asks for  something in  return.

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July 4 horoscope chart reading
Trust  yourself and take steps today to see the good in you. If you cannot value yourself, how do you expect others to  value you?  Coldness in  love affairs  is possible this month.

July 2016 CANCER horoscope prediction Little things  you do may irritate them and you may come across as  being rather boorish and uncouth. ot meaning any deliberate irritation, you may just come across  in  that manner.

Perhaps  you  are hot  and they  are cold. Perhaps you are in the mood and they are not.  Or vice versa. You and the people around you, especially those close to you, just  don't seem to be on the same page.

CANCER zodiac July 2016 horoscope forecast You have the opportunity to boost your confidence and to move towards your goals in life.

You are mostly self-assured and feel powerful and in control of your life. Others take notice. Therefore you may find that career promotions and recognition play a prominent role right now.

This is an excellent time to spend plenty of time and energy on your favourite project, with an assurance of reaping what you have sown. You may also enjoy channelling some of your energy into your favourite sporting activities, where you are also assured of success.