2017 Pisces man and Taurus female love horoscope zone: importance to you both is the maintaining of harmony

2017 Pisces man and Taurus female love horoscope predictions Taurus has a pioneering spirit and likes to initiate new things and Pisces is very adaptable.

Problems can arise between you, though, if Pisces is negligent and unmotivated or if Taurus tries to dominate or order him around.

Pisces may appear to be a wonderful spiritual being to you.

He may seem wise and learned with profound philosophical or academic knowledge.

He may be these things to a degree; however be honest with yourself and him - there are enough 'false prophets' around to fill a cookie jar without adding another one to the mix.
2017 Scorpio man and Taurus female love horoscope zone

Take care not to be seduced; apply some reason and heed your gut instincts when considering the validity of his ideas.

Love horoscope 2017 for  Pisces and Taurus female Don't go looking for romance in this corner of the world, because you'll be disappointed.

He can be too serious for you and not always a lot of fun. This is not an indictment on his character, but there will be times when you just won't gel together.

You don't really have the same social interests and there may be difficulties in the bedroom.

You work well together and share similar goals and ambitions. You are able to think and act as one; to present a unified front. You are eager to do things together and for one another.

2017 Pisces and Taurus compatibility horoscope Of great importance to you both is the maintaining of harmony in your relationship.

As a couple, you have the ability to make others feel at ease and relaxed in your company. Together, you tend to cultivate friendships with creative people and move in artistic or cultured circles.

You stimulate each other mentally and get a real kick out of brainstorming sessions. You bounce ideas off one another with lightning speed and understand new concepts quickly.