2017 AQUARIUS man and LEO female love horoscope zone: this combination is ideal for marriage or love affairs.

2017 AQUARIUS man and LEO female love horoscope forecast Leo and Aquarius's relationship suffers because of unspoken problems, or perhaps either Leo or Aquarius speaks their mind too often.

Either way the problem is communication. No matter how hard both Leo and Aquarius try they cannot seem to understand each other's way of seeing things and how each other feels.

Leo communicates on an intuitive or feeling level whereas Aquarius is the more rational thinker. As a result Leo and Aquarius alternate between passion and rationality, having difficulty understanding the other person.

Leo and Aquarius sometimes feel that they are battling to find shared activities that they can both enjoy. In
2017 AQUARIUS man and LEO female love horoscope
extreme cases they may feel that they are fighting against the other person's involvement with an absorbing pastime.

Or perhaps they feel that their partner stands in the way of them really enjoying their own pleasurable pursuits.

2017 AQUARIUS and LEO love horoscope zone No matter how much Leo and Aquarius want to enjoy themselves, their partner seems to be standing in opposition, or determined to do their own thing.

Certainly this combination indicates that Leo and Aquarius both view this as a serious association, whether it is a marriage, friendship or a working partnership.

Both Leo and Aquarius are committed to their association. It is likely that they experienced a strong attraction in the initial stages of their relationship.

When Leo and Aquarius first met they each knew they had discovered a potential serious relationship, one to which they could commit and build on over a lifetime.

As long as both Aquarius and Leo continue to try to overcome these obstacles then their union has a chance for success.

They may find it of benefit to take time out and write down their thoughts and feelings during times of stress rather than speaking on the spur of the moment.