June 2016 SCORPIO Horoscope forecast: New and original ideas bombard your mind.

June 1 - June 10, 2016 SCORPIO Horoscope forecast zone During this period you are vulnerable to feelings of confusion and lack of direction.

You seem to be treading water no matter how hard you try to put your plans into action. You may find yourself daydreaming of better times.

A time to reach beyond the physical into the realm of myths and dreams.

You may have the sensation of being awake within your own dream, and reality may be like you dreamed it could be.
June 2016 SCORPIO Horoscope forecast

This is a time for visions and seeing the unity beyond differences.

Scorpio horoscope prediction June 11 - June 21, 2016 Make sure that you enjoy whatever activity you choose. Otherwise you may have some difficulty settling down to the more serious tasks in your life.

Satisfaction will come more readily if you set yourself some clear goals, ones that incorporate achievement and fun.

As your social circle expands and your self-esteem starts to improve then your self-confidence is impressive.

A tendency to escape or withdraw into your imagination at the expense of your friends and supporters. You may be unrealistic, taken with dreams, psychic matters, and the like.

June 22 - June 30, 2016 SCORPIO horoscope zone prediction You are particularly alert and mentally agile.

Therefore business deals, written projects, study and teaching benefit at this time. It is important that you make the most of these energies and not let the chance to clearly express yourself slip through your fingers.

New and original ideas bombard your mind and you want to express these in communication with your friends.

There is freedom in thought  as well  as in  speech and you don't want anyone to put restraint on you.
Avoid jumping  to conclusions and slow down your mind if you have to.