June 2016 LIBRA Horoscope forecast: Deception in love or friendship.

LIBRA astrology horoscope forecast: June 1 - June 10 This planetary pairing speeds up your life. Your mind is razor sharp and your powers of comprehension are second to none now.

However, if you're in too much of a rush to get things done, you risk making mistakes and wrong decisions. Sudden arguments are likely to flare up

Expect pressures and potential arguments caused by inner tensions or stress in either yourself or others. There is a danger of accidents or injuries during this period.

There are lots of choices being offered you and you are now trying to decide which to take or where to go.  A feeling of powerlessness, inadequacy, or even bewilderment is indicated.
June 2016 LIBRA Horoscope forecast zone

LIBRA horoscope prediction June 11 - June 21, 2016 Little annoyances could spoil what can be an otherwise pleasant period, if you're not careful. You should try to make every effort to get on with others and not to react to situations or provocations.

You are on the right track. You can now pursue your goal with vigor. Success is gained but not followed up. Deception in love or friendship.  Self-delusion, fantasy, drunkeness and fornication.

A little tact can go a long way during this period. There can be a risk of misunderstandings caused by moodiness or irritability.

June 22 - June 30, 2016 LIBRA horoscope zone prediction A time to reach beyond the physical into the realm of myths and dreams. You may have the sensation of being awake within your own dream, and reality may be like you dreamed it could be. This is a time for visions and seeing the unity beyond differences.

Disputes over matters of outlook and philosophy can be a problem now. In extreme cases, religious intolerance may be evident.

Added care may be necessary if traveling in foreign countries, as there can be a risk of accidents or aggressive encounters.