PIG Chinese Horoscope March 2016 : Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 9; Avoid: 1, 4, 6

PIG / BOAR February 2016 Horoscope forecast Be careful at this time; you may be restless, acting hastily.  You may be nervous because of disputes, or because of someone who is harping and nagging at you.

Actually, you're pretty touchy yourself right now, and it wouldn't take much to set you off, so unless people walk on eggshells, they're bound to experience the sharp end of your tongue, or worse.  It won't always work out in that extreme a fashion, however.

You may just have to defend some position or idea you hold dear; you totally identify with this, and it may be hard to remain detached in any debate on the subject.
PIG Chinese Horoscope March 2016

Of course, it may really be the other person who is being touchy and looking for trouble.

PIG / BOAR birth years according to Chinese Zodiac 
  • February 8, 1959 to January 27, 1960: Earth Pig
  • January 27, 1971 to January 15, 1972: Metal Pig
  • February 13, 1983 to February 1, 1984: Water Pig
  • January 31, 1995 to February 18, 1996: Wood Pig
  • February 18, 2007 to February 6, 2008: Fire Pig
  • February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020: Earth Pig
February 2016, PIG Chinese Horoscope prediction Peaceful Pigs recoil from confrontations and have difficulty saying no. The rapidly acquiescing Pig forgives easily and takes blame unduly.

The most favorable time of day for those born into Pig years is between the hours of 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., when the yin force intensifies in strength and families settle in for a sound night of slumber.

Your emotional drive and sense of things may be at odds with your best interests, the way to proceed. You could make some bad decisions, be too generous, or squander your resources.

February 2016 PIG Chinese horoscope free reading Not a great time to attempt to get your ideas across to others. You may find yourself feeling blocked and unable to express yourself, in particularly in a group situation.

Put your ego in the background. Direct energy into nurturing or caring for something or someone you care for. Go out  and do your  garden work.   Take a  walk and  get in  closer contact  with nature.