March 2016 SCORPIO Horoscope: you are likely to feel moments of sadness

March 2016 SCORPIO Monthly Horoscope This is a beneficial time for reflecting on your personal goals with a view to making life more comfortable. You may feel the urge to move to larger and more accommodating surroundings, or to expand your existing home. Opportunities to spend time with loved ones may also arise.

Providing your chart is free of other more challenging transits from the "Big Four" - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, this should be a comparatively relaxed and harmonious period for you.

Whatever you want to achieve at this time you will. However, your successes now are equivalent to the efforts you put in.
March 2016 SCORPIO Horoscope Zone Reading

A problem is that you may be inclined to just kick back and enjoy the feeling of contentment associated with this transit.

Destiny beckons for now is the time for you to reap the rewards of past actions and receive benefits which enable you to achieve your life purpose.

March 2016 SCORPIO forecast Doors open paving the way for you to pursue your personal destiny. This could involve opportunities including meeting with a highly-significant person or a group of people to help you on your path or an event which will change the shape of your future.

This could be literally moving away from home and loved ones, or needing to come to terms with and let go of unresolved emotions. Either way you are likely to feel moments of sadness.

If you go with the flow and allow your emotions an outlet then you will benefit from the cleansing effect of completing a grieving process.

March 2016 SCORPIO astrology prediction It is time to take off the rose-tinted glasses and face some of the realities of your life. This can be a difficult process as you feel confused and vulnerable to deception.

It is also possible that, in facing the reality of certain situation, you will have to let go of some things or people who you considered precious.